their upside-down-umbrella-looking flowers an object of marvel and a topic of conversation!

Do not buy wild-collected plants from anyone.   Make sure that you are buying nursery-propagated and grown cultivated plants.

Carnivorous Plants of Texas© offers nursery-propagated plants of these two native forms of the pale trumpet, Sarracenia alata, from local strains.   All plants are mature.  In time we will offer more forms, as well as native sundews, bladderworts, and butterworts.

Species & Form Origin Suggested donation Availability
S. alata typical Jasper Co. 15.00 Now
S. alata with windows Jasper Co. 15.00 Now

Please add $4.00 to all one-plant orders for Priority Mail, e-Mail your order, and snail-mail personal checks, money-orders, or cash to:

Carnivorous Plants of Texas©
P.O. Box 612652
Dallas, Texas 75261-2652

Grow Pitcher Plants!

Whether it is the typical yellow-green with red veins, or the Texas trumpet with light-through windows, take a Texas trumpet home!

They are easy to grow and will let you feast your eyes on their beautiful and unusual pitchers from Spring till late Fall,