Bog Tours

savanna in Tyler Co.Carnivorous plants in Texas live in seepage bogs (sitesite), and savannas.   A savanna is a grassy meadow which is wet part of the year, with scattered trees.


Anderson County

Andrews bog - Gus Engeling WMA    Coming Next!

Andrews bog This beautiful 225-acre sphagnum peat bog sits on the north part of Gus Engeling WMA's 11,000 acres of sandy uplands, creeks, rivers, marshes, and ponds, home to pitcher plants and alligators, wild turkey, bobcats, and armadillos.   The bog is near Catfish Creek, is inconvenient to reach and there are no signs.   Many natural springs flow year-round, accomodating the big variety of native life.

Angelina County

Angelina National Forest - Boykin Spring
Seven sites in upland long-leaf pine savanna, several on hillside seepage sand-bogs, among ancient pines, tall magnolias, sugar maple, are a haven for several species of carnivorous plants...

Henderson County

Private 8,000-acre wilderness - Site No. 21 - Athens, TX
The lake is surrounded by hills covered with hardwood forest.   Hundreds of blue herons lift up in the air at the same time, spooked by my emergence to the shore through the inland brush. 

The pitcher plants, rose pogonia orchids, and sundews grow in a very wet bog, trampled by the wild pigs looking for roots and snakes .   The tall grass is flattened where some of the hundreds of almost black alligators living here slid into the water.

Leon County

Flynn Bog System - Flynn, TX    New!
Where low wooded hills and hills-turned-to-pasture meet, a very wet bog hugs the northern shore of two connected spring-fed ponds made about 25 years ago.   Clumps of Sarracenias grow at the edge of the water, along with hundreds of bladderworts, out of reach of the well-fed cattle grazing the lush grass.  

Tyler County

Watson Pinelands Preserve - Site No. 6 - Warren, TX
UPDATED Feb 2004
Owned and managed by Geraldine Watson, a conservationist, artist, and a legend in these parts, the preserve is a pineland savanna with a boardwalk running through it, and is open to the public free of charge.

The Big Thicket National Preserve - Turkey Creek Unit - Warren, TX
A boardwalk meanders through a savanna with one of the largest populations of S. alata in Texas.   Texas trumpets as far as one can see.   Some of the variations are stunningly beautiful.

Site No. 2 - Warren, TX
Long and narrow, with about 2 feet of the purest white sand coating a clay bowl, and sloping downward at the northern end creating a bowl....